Apartment Kits Helping Veterans

It is estimated that 32% of Veterans face significant difficulties transitioning from military service to civilian life. This dramatically increases their risk of mental illness, addictions and homelessness. Unfortunately, the result sometimes is that Veterans experience homelessness.

As part of the Legion’s national program to support homeless Veterans, the Legion Foundation has recently launched a new initiative, providing Apartment Kits to Veterans in need. Apartment Kits are a package that includes everything a Veteran would need when moving into housing. They include kitchen items such as pots & pans, dishes and utensils. They also contain bathroom essentials like a shower curtain, waste basket, and towels. In the bedroom, a bedding set, pillows and an alarm clock are included. And finally, basic staples such as salt & pepper, cleaning supplies and sponges ensure that the transition to home is made easier.

The Legion Foundation was pleased to deliver our first apartment kit to Veteran who has moved into permanent housing on July 1st. With the generous support of donors, Apartment Kits are now ready and available at select Legion Branches throughout BC.

If you know of a Veteran who is in need of help, please visit the Leave the Streets Behind program page for more information.