Since 1997, the Legion Foundation BC/Yukon has awarded thousands of dollars in grants to local organizations.


Grants are open to registered charities that operate primarily in British Columbia or the Yukon. Projects must support the Legion Foundation BC/Yukon mission of helping veterans, seniors or youth in local communities and must already be 90% or more funded.

Successful organizations may be asked to:

  1. Use the grant funds only as specified in the approved grant proposal.
  2. Maintain records to show and account for the uses of grant funds.
  3. Allow The Legion Foundation access to records to verify grant expenditures and activities.
  4. Provide written acknowledgement of receipt of payments of grant funds.
  5. Repay any portion of the funds not used for the specified purposes.
  6. Refrain from use of the funds for any purpose prohibited by law.
  7. Cooperate with any efforts of The Legion Foundation to publicize the grant award.
  8. Comply with reasonable requests for information about program activities.
  9. Complete a program and financial report for the project within 60 days after the completion of the grant period.

How to Apply

Grant applications for 2024 are now open. Deadline submissions are due by September 15. Applications will be reviewed in October and applicants will be notified by November 30th. Priority will be given to those projects that align with our mission to care for Veterans, first responders and their families.

More Information

If you have any questions about the grant application process, please contact Amber Stewart, Executive Director, directly at 604-579-0087 or by email to

Local Giving

Make a difference for as little as $5/month

Local Giving

Make a difference for as little as $5/month