Key Tag Program

Losing your keys can be a frustrating, time-consuming and expensive experience. The Legion Foundation BC/Yukon will return lost keys that are registered with our Key Tag program. It is a safe and simple way to increase the likelihood of keys being returned to their owners.

2023 Key Tags
2023 Key Tags

How the Program Works

  1. Order or register your key tags by completing this form.
  2. Attach the key tags to your key ring.
  3. If you lose your keys, anyone who finds them can drop them in any mailbox in Canada. The keys will be mailed to the Legion Foundation BC/Yukon Command.
  4. We will contact you to coordinate the return of your keys.

But does it work?

Yes! At least a few times each year, keys are reunited with their relieved owners through this program. Each time we hear, “I thought it was a nice way to help local Veterans but I am sure grateful it worked!”

Where does the money go?

All proceeds go directly to the Legion Foundation BC/Yukon. Please see our mission for more information on the programs, bursaries, scholarships, awards and grants we support.

Can I give them as a gift?

Yes! Key tags make a great gift for someone you love. To order key tags and have them sent to someone else, please contact our office at 604-575-8840.

How do I register my key tags?

If you have already received your key tags in the mail, please click here to register them.
If you would like to order keys, please click here and pre-registered keys will be mailed to you.

Past Key Tag Campaigns