Lokomat Fully Funded

The Legion Foundation BC/Yukon supports the funding of medical equipment and facilities to help veterans and seniors in local communities. The Hocoma Lokomat is a body-weight and robotic device used to help and restore proper gait training and confidence in walking. In partnership with Neuromotion, BC’s premier physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic for individuals with neurological injuries, the Legion Foundation was able to contribute to the purchase of this piece of life-changing medical equipment. The $250,000 contribution was a result of generous donations by Legion branches and private donors.

The machine is already making a lasting impact on people like Ryan Eddy, the brother of a first responder in the lower mainland. Many years ago, Ryan suffered a brain embolism and several strokes that removed his ability to walk. With the help of the Lokomat, Ryan has been slowly building his ability to walk again. Previously, four Lokomat machines were available in the province and as a result, access was limited. However, the addition of this machine will provide easier access to ensure his progress continues.

The Lokomat machine is currently in use at the Neuromotion Surrey location, but will be moved to the Legion Veterans Village Centre of Excellence when it opens in early 2023.

Patient using Lokomat device