Helping Those Who Help Us

The Legion Foundation BC/Yukon supports services that help Veterans, including current and former RCMP officers.

Thanks to the support of many Legion branches, Ladies Auxiliaries and individual donors, Veterans Transition Network has been able to expand their planned programming for 2023. Assisted by a donation of $140,000 made recently, VTN is planning to run 11 sessions in BC of their unique small-program counselling program.

One of the people helped by VTN is Ryan. While serving with the RCMP, Ryan realized that anger had become the main emotion he used to express himself. “When you go to a regimented-style military training, you learn that no matter what, you’re going to push through and you’re going to be successful. You try to apply that to everything in life. But with something like this, you can’t just push through.” In late 2021, Ryan was connected with VTN. With the support of his wife and young daughter, he attended VTN’s Transition Skills Course, a 5-day retreat-style session. During that time, Ryan learned tools to help navigate his emotions and traumas and how to redirect his mind. Ryan was able to return to his family and career, better equipped. “VTN gave me my life back.”

This support would not have been possible without the generous support of Legion Foundation donors – thank you!

Photo credit: Ryan Moore

Ryan Moore